Raise Your Child to Be Bilingual – Experts Tips with ODM Global School

In this increasingly growing interconnected world, mastering more than one language has a lot of benefits. But even if your family members already speak two languages, raising bilingual children can be a challenge sometimes. Whether you’re raising your children in a bilingual home or want their success foundation to be strong in this competitive era, you will most likely need some expert help in ensuring your child grows up speaking multiple languages. Here are some best tips offered by the teachers of ODM Global School, one of the best CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, for raising your child bilingual.

Go with the One Person, One Language Method

The one person, one language, also known as OPOL, method is the most popular and effective way of raising your children bilingual. Following this method, each parent consistently speaks to the child in a particular language and doesn’t speak the second language to not confuse the child. Most importantly, remember here to don’t let the fear of not speaking the language perfectly yourself interrupt you from using this method. Just go with the flow and speak as well as you can and you both can learn and improve together. The OPOL method works especially well for families that already speak multiple languages.

Choose Reading Over Television

Nowadays, it’s common to have access to television channels with multiple language options. Added to this, popular streaming services also offer shows in multiple language options. This may tempt parents to use these platforms to help with raising bilingual children. But contrary to this, reading another language to your child and having them read the same is the absolute best method for language development. It allows children more optimal time to process words and learn the essential grammar included in the language.

Find a School with Multiple Language Learning Option

If you are a working parent, finding and enrolling your child on a school where multiple language learning options are available is a great way to give your children more exposure. The important thing is that here your child will receive learning from specialized teachers with a proven curriculum. This will greatly boost the fluency of children.

Buy Them Gifts Supporting Language Development

For birthdays and other gift-giving holidays, buy your kids’ language learning gifts such as puzzles, books, and other games. This will encourage children to take more interest in language learning and use the same more often. This also makes language learning more fun for your child. Even playing music and singing songs in the minority language also helps kids to memorize phrases and words and broaden their vocabulary.

Benefits of Raising Your Children Bilingual

* Better Academic Results

* Interesting and Diverse Career Opportunities

* Better Sense of Identity, Belonging and Self-Worth

* Improved Communication and Confidence While Communicating

* Enhanced Emotional Bond and Cultural Identity

* Appreciation for Different Cultures

* Increased Empathy

At ODM Global School, our curriculum allows students to choose courses in multiple international as well as traditional languages. As one of the most modern CBSE residential schools in Bhubaneswar, students will receive incredible learning opportunities combined with 360-degree growth, expert guidance and modern facilities. For admission enquiries, click here or call 1800-120-2316 now.

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