Personal Skill Programs at ODM Global School

Preparing Your Child to Brainstorm Real World Solutions

During the era of traditional education, there was a fine gap between the skills students learn the skills they need to succeed and adapt to real-world advancements. According to a study by World Economic Forum, 65% of school students will end up working in job roles that do not exist yet, thus making personal skills highly valuable for 21-century students.

At ODM Global School, we have specialised Personal Skill Programs to help students get ready for future transitions and enable them to learn more efficiently and effectively in their studies. Our Personal Skill Program includes studies related to skills which an individual acquires through his lifetime. Our personal skill sessions for students will provide them with an extra edge for competitive environments and play a vital role in defining students’ personalities.

Importance of Our Personal Skill Programs
  • The more personal skills a child hones, the more likely they are successful in life.
  • Personal skills provide a great foundation and exposure to learning in future.
  • Personal skills help the children develop their cognitive, critical and creative thinking.

How We are Focusing on Personal Skills at ODM Global School

Mental Arithmetic - By Neelakantha Bhanu (Exploring Infinite)

With its exclusive and special association with Neelakantha Bhanu (World’s Fastest Human Calculator), ODM Global School will be providing 25 sessions for each class student on how to quickly calculate and solve problems. These sessions will help children in Competitive Curriculars and enhance Critical thinking skills.

Robotics in Curriculum - By SakRobotix

To foster innovation with applied science, from Grade I to Grade XII, we are introducing a compulsory robotics course for all ODM Global School students. Each year every student at OGS would be involved in making 4-6 robots. Right from the kit to the instructor, everything would be provided in our school.

AI/Coding Classes

Optional and Add-on provision of Artificial Intelligence or Coding Course will be provided to the students, and the students will have the option of choosing it as well.

Compulsory- 1 Vocational Course a Year (Higher Classes)

For higher class students, we would be facilitating the provision of a Vocational Course in various skills such as Photography, Data Processing, Agriculture and etc., to ensure that children at their early age, learn valuable skills which they can use in future.

Specialised Skill Training Sessions in Summer Vacations/Winter Vacations

Every summer, the school will host a specialised series of Summer Training, which would be the first in Odisha. We would host training to teach students Self-Defence, Martial Arts, Driving, Cooking, etc.