Global Campus

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Located at Patia, in the capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, ODM Global School boasts a modern and elegant school campus loaded with countless facilities over a 7-acres building area. The campus is completely centrally air-conditioned using the environment-friendly VRF technology and completely protected using 24x7 cloud backed up security cameras (day-night vision, dome & long range).

Our campus runs completely under access-controlled Face Recognition terminals, ensuring that no unauthorised entry is allowed to any block or campus, ensuring complete safety and convenience of OGS students.

Surrounded by lush greenery, the OGS campus is completely disaster management secured. As learning at ODM Global School extends beyond the classrooms, our specially designed global campus delivers a world-class sports arena, supporting multiple play areas for our students.

Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts.


All our classrooms are equipped with an Interactive Touch-Based Display Panel for the teacher to present the concepts using any audio or video output. The entry to each classroom is equipped with a Face-Recognition Terminal, which facilitates attendance and monitoring of the students. Classrooms are also equipped with wireless lapel mics for teachers and an ambient sound system for students to ensure quality studying in every classroom.

We implemented modern software which ensures that student tablets can be smartly configured with the interactive display to ensure a stimulating classroom learning experience. In addition, this provides the teachers with an option to host a series of quizzes, quick polls and other interactive learning sessions!


ODM Global School campus has six labs as follows: IT Lab, Tab Lab, Robotics Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and Biology Lab. Additionally, we are also launching a specially designed Mathematics Lab and Atal Tinkering Lab, making the total count go up to 8 labs. Our IT Labs are equipped with state-of-the-art all-in-one systems for providing students with the most updated experience of technology.

All our labs are equipped with audio-visual systems to help students witness experiment simulations. The robotics lab is one of the biggest any school has seen so far! The lab boasts of 5 test-beds and enough equipment for our building 5000+ small and big robots in a year.

Together We Achieve the Extraordinary.
Explore the world of books, digitally.

Digital Library

We have a built-in state of the art Digital Library, and it hosts 5000+ offline and 15000+ digital resources. The library has a section with tablets where e-materials can be accessed easily. All the books present in our library are RFID-tagged and are secured through a central control system. The library is equipped with self-issue and self-drop in books counter for students to avoid the old boring queue system.

Students can easily issue their desired books through our completely digital library management system. They can also pre-check the availability of any book through our library management system or at the library kiosk in just seconds now.


ODM Global School is equipped with fully furnished hostel facilities for both boys and girls. Our gorgeous looking hostels are specially designed with two primary objectives; comfort and safety. The warden and student ratio is 1:20 for residential facilities. We have a 24x7 in-house pharmacy and ambulance facility and are tied up with top hospitals like Apollo and KIMS in the city for immediate medical care if needed. Solar heater and hot water access are available for every hostel room.

Our hostels have the provision of reading rooms for all residential students to ensure a silent environment for studying. Also, tab provisions are available in every block to log in Feedbacks, Issues or Complaints directly to the management's core team so that the issue can be immediately resolved. Students will also have access to the Cafeteria, Utility Shop for the purchase of daily-use commodities and access to the ATM Counter inside the premises of the school.

Live your Best hostel Moments at OGS
A Happy School That Serves Good Food Like Home


Our school canteen facility aims to provide nutritious and healthy food to every child. Meals are cooked on the premise with the supervision of certified dietary experts. We are providing a buffet option for Breakfast and Snacks.

Our canteen is supervised by Head-Chefs and Sous-Chefs with experience from top 3-star hotels. Both Residential and Day Boarders can avail food provisions for Breakfast, Lunch and Health drinks. (Additional provision of Snacks and Dinner for Residential students)

Sports Arena

To make sure world-class sports arena for our students, we have used ground materials that are used by leading sports arena around the globe. ODM is the first school in Odisha, to host a turf football field of European standards to its students. The field has similar characteristics as that used by the leading football grounds across the globe. Our tennis court is built purely by using the paint and materials of the US Open.

The court has all the characteristics as that of the US Open courts. Our sports arena also facilitates five practice nets for cricket, completely built on turf to facilitate a world-class practice environment. These setups are also used by certain practice nets of BCCI and also many leading State Cricket Associations. The outdoor basketball court is completely built on the recommendations of NBA specified basketball courts. Our sports arena has quality night light provisions to facilitate night matches and games between students.

Success And Spirit in Our School
Preparing Children for Success in Life.


At ODM Global School, all our vehicles are GPS tracked. Each of our vehicle is equipped with Facial Recognition Based attendance system, and parents can track their child’s movement through our in-house ODM Connect app.

Our transports are also equipped with live feed camera to monitor each child which will be stored on a cloud server. Each of our transportation is managed by a government's school badge holder driver and the support in every bus are trained to handle emergency situations.