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ODM Global School

A first of its kind CBSE school in the entire country with specialized programs designed to bring 360-degree growth to every child on its campus.

ODM Global School brings in the best of the country’s talent to teach its students under one roof. We are the first educational institution in Odisha to earn a spot in the respected K-12 school education category.

Our school is built on the foundational value of our parent organization, ODM Educational Group and designed on a system to bring in the holistic GROWTH for all.

Character, Potential, and Excellence.

360° CPX Learning

Education That Shapes, Empowers, Excels

Discover the transformative power of CPX 360-Degree Learning at ODM Global School! Our approach fosters strong CHARACTER traits like Integrity, Humility, Collaboration, Perseverance, and Service.

We identify each student's unique POTENTIAL, setting meaningful GOALS, and nurturing them towards academic and personal EXCELLENCE. Join us in shaping well-rounded individuals with purposeful mindsets. Explore CPX at ODM Global School.


An Exemplary Holistic School for Global Academic Experience

Free to explore new opportunities and possibilities, ODM Global School’s highly supportive and encouraging environment encourages students to try new paths while following their ambition and pursuing leadership roles.

Students will find the widest variety of world-class academic programs with our best CBSE school, which offers in-depth classes ranging from critical thinking to communication skills and holistic education to help them become engaged, emboldened, and poised for the future

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Because Creativity & Fun are Essential Elements of Education

As one of the top CBSE schools in Odisha, our signature co-academic programs distinguish us from other schools. At OGS, students can pursue their true passion and appreciate their talents in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Our co-curricular programs continue to evolve as a reflection of our students’ interests. To support the growth and dreams of 1000+ students, we have constructed state-of-the-art performance centres and facilities with brand-new instruments inside the ODM Global School.

Life Skills

Education to Develop Life Transformative Potential of Students

At OGS, we not only prepare students for the future, but we also prepare them for life. Our life skill programs will prepare students to make informed decisions, think critically, and solve problems creatively.

As the best CBSE residential and boarding school in Bhubaneswar, we have introduced special life skill classes to improve mental wellbeing, foster healthy communication, promote effective decision-making, quick conflict resolution, and other crucial life-changing skills among students.

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Personal Skills

Identifying Personal Strength to Foster Innovation Among Students

Learning to identify personal strengths will remain important throughout the student life. Our personal skill programs are targeted to motivate students in finding their strengths and hone them from an early age.

ODM Global School’s personal skill classes provide a great foundation and exposure to learning in future and help children develop their cognitive, critical and creative thinking. From specialized skill training to coding classes, compulsory vocational courses, mental arithmetic and robotics in the curriculum, our personal skill programs are exclusive in every manner.

Career Planning

The Stronger the Guidance, The Brighter the Future

At ODM Global School, we aim to become the very first learning innovative CBSE school in Odisha, successfully bridging the gap between traditional education and career planning.

As we understand the cruciality of career planning in a student’s life, our best CBSE school in Bhubaneswar has a robust career counselling cell to create awareness among students so that they can make informed choices and explore learning options from the very beginning.

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International Collaboration

First in the Country to Have a Diverse Panel of Global Educators

ODM Global School has an exclusive panel of global educators to help students grab international opportunities and maximize their chances of success for a brighter future. Our educators are specialized in various categories of fields ranging from Personality Development, AI, English Communication, Data Analytics, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship & etc.

Trusted as the top CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, our international collaboration with renowned international educators, school programs, and universities will facilitate students' dream for an international degree.

Robotics & AI

Get the Best of Science, Coding & Engineering for Your Child

At ODM Global School, we have certified technology experts to teach robotics and coding fundamentals to our students. This special curriculum will foster innovation and creative conceptualization among students while enhancing their critical thinking skills.

OGS has a special robotics lab to offer students a fun yet highly competitive and educational environment where they can learn machine build as well as machine language to build the future of us.

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