Global Exposure at ODM Global School

Bringing the Much-Needed Educational Diversity into Our Schooling Experience

With the global boundaries rapidly shrinking in every way, the significance of international exposure among students can never be stressed enough. At ODM Global School, we believe that when it comes to bringing that much-required success edge to our students, providing global exposure to them is of utmost significance.

Unlike other CBSE affiliated schools in Odisha, ODM Global School follows an international education system where our pupils will receive maximum global exposure thanks to the carefully crafted programs that come with the world-class learning experience, personal development, soft skill development, cross-cultural appreciation, enhancement of rational analysis, critical thinking, and more.

How We are Focusing on Global Exposure at ODM Global School

A Long List of Global Educators

ODM Global School is the first school in the country to boast a diverse panel of global educators. Our global educators are specialised in various categories of fields ranging from Personality Development, AI, English Communication, Data Analytics, Personal Branding, Entrepreneurship & etc. Thus, OGS students during their curriculum of one year will be exposed to multiple global educators.

International School Exchange Program

ODM Global School has partnered with True Education Partnership, which facilitates global education programs through school exchange across the globe. Currently, our students get the opportunity to participate in exchange programs with schools in the UK, Germany, Japan and Asian Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

University Partnerships

ODM Global School also has international university tie-ups and facilitates a career opportunity counselling program from different universities around the globe. This opportunity provides students with an in-depth understanding of what the future lies for them in foreign countries.

Cambridge English Assessment

ODM is the exclusive partner for Cambridge English Assessment Centre in Odisha, and it is the first school to have so. We facilitate Cambridge English Exam training to the students right from Class I to ensure that OGS students are proficient in English in all four domains - Speaking, Listening, Writing & Reading. Cambridge English Program has different stages of certification till Class IX.

Coaching for SAT/IELTS/TOEFL

To facilitate the dream of OGS students for an international degree, ODM provides coaching from reputed academic institutes for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS.

International Admission Support

ODM has an exclusive tie-up with academic consultants from Delhi and Mumbai, who help students get admitted into colleges of their choice (provided they qualify for the same). During the admission process, these consultants help students write their essays and letters of recommendation and help them fill the application in such a way that their chances of getting selected are higher. They also provide students with an understanding of Scholarship Opportunities in various universities and help them apply for the same.

International Tours & Competitions

ODM Global School is facilitating 2-3 annual global tours a year for selected students. These tours can be either study tours, experience trips or exchange partnership programs. Along with that, OGS’s competition team ensures that at least 10% of its students every year represent in International Competitions.