360 Degree Growth

Learn the Right Thing When You are Young – Receive 360 Degree Learning at OGS

With the growing number of educators and parents recognising the need for a better career, life skills, personal skills and technical education, academic performance alone cannot make your kid a champion or a leader in this extremely competitive world. As a result, 360-degree learning has emerged as one of the most crucial factors for K-12 education.

ODM Global School is specially designed to bring this innovative 360-degree learning atmosphere to your child. Our core concept of 360-degree learning includes all the aspects of student experience such as school environments, learning modules, extracurricular activities, and everything else that impact well-rounded education.

We teach, you learn, the world benefits.


A modern, global school for a modern, global academic experience

We possibly can’t predict the future, so we best stay prepared for it. At ODM Global School, our students progressively learn to apply innovative and agile thinking that suitably adapts to any situation alongside a strong self-resolve to complete any task.

Our global education learning practices are rooted in modern educational philosophy and employ a variety of proven methods to engage students in our specially designed curriculum with the guidance of passionate teachers.

Charge up for a victory with ODM.


Want to Be a Star, Shine at Our ODM Global School

At OGS, we believe in the power of co-academics so that students can develop skills beyond the knowledge of subjects. Our highly curated co-curricular activities are designed to bring intellectual skills, personality progress, moral values, social skills, and character appeal to students.

Our co-academic highlights include world-class athletics, flagship cultural events, school club participation, Learn-Educate-Accept-Progress (L.E.A.P) Series, Continuous Educational Trips and Seminars, access to TEDx events, Monthly Activities & Competitions, and more.

Knowledge – Learn to Love it at OGS

Life Skills

Dedicated to Excellence Through Learning

Learning life skill help young minds understand who they are and what they want to achieve in life. With our precisely designed life skill programs, students grow more aware of their surroundings and critical aspects of their lives.

Our life skill programs promote students to be better equipped to recognise and handle real-life responsibilities while maintaining a healthy and fruitful student life. OGS’ life skill programs teach young minds to show empathy and distinguish between listening and acting.

At ODM Global School, we build futures.

Personal Skills

We are More Than a School; We Teach the Way of Life

At ODM Global School, we understand that young students are brimming with untapped potential, and they require dedicated guidance to empower their skills and bring out the best in themselves. We have a comprehensive personal skills curriculum that promotes students to find new ways of critical thinking and problem-solving.

OGS students will learn to recognise the impact of their actions and take responsibility for what they do while building confidence for prompt collaboration and cooperation.

A great place to learn and lead.

Career Counselling

Helping Students with Learning Differences

Our students have the whole world of opportunities ahead of them. From Scientists to Entrepreneurs to Engineers to Chartered Accountants to Doctors to Artists, our students can choose a path of glory from countless options ahead of them, and we have experts here to guide them from their early ages.

ODM’s in-house Career Planning Cell offers Psychometric Test & one-to-one career counselling, Cluster Career Counselling, Career Bootcamp, exclusive Career-related session by Industry Experts, Interaction with Top Universities in India, Interaction with Universities Abroad, and opportunities that can be only found at a truly global school.

Reaching for the stars, start at ODM.

Global Exposure

A School to Reach Success, Growth and Personal Development

Being true to our name of the global school, ODM offers global learning opportunities to every student. ODM Global School is the first school in the country to boast a diverse panel of global educators specialised in various categories, ranging from Personality Development, AI, Personal Branding to English Communication, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and more.

ODM Global School has exclusively partnered with Cambridge English Assessment Centre and other international universities. Our global school also offers coaching from reputed academic institutes for SAT, TOEFL and IELTS.