Andrew ConstableBusiness & Entrepreneurship coach, United Kingdom

We, at ODM, don't believe in making our students just be "Job Ready", but also believe in empowering them to start their own venture & be the "Job Creators" of tomorrow. Inculcate them the spirit of fearless thinking, new ideas, start something on their own & make a true mark in their careers by contributing to the society!

Mr.Andrew Constable from London, UK along with his decades of experience, is going to be the guiding light for students at ODM Global School, in the field of business and entrepreneurship

Audrey Simbiso Design Thinking, Zimbabwe

One of the few traits that every parent desires in his/her child is for him/her to be Empathetic towards others! ODM global school will be teaching an important, yet unknown topic of Design Thinking! as part of its global educators’ curriculum.

Audrey is one of our most experienced global educators with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organisation management industry. She is highly skilled in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), startups, Marketing, Strategic Planning, and Business Development. The strong program and project management professional has graduated from Clark Atlanta University. Her guidance will shape the future of your child like none other. She will educate and instill the emotion of "empathy" in students as part of our ODM global school!

Mr. Josue GarciaDiscovery Course, Argentina

In the first 2-3 years at school, a child gets introduced to a lot of new things around the world, be it in the field of science, maths, geography, arts etc., most of it being restricted to textbook knowledge only. However, We, at ODM, are coming up with a new global course that not only lets your child discover things outside of the classroom, but in a different language as well. The idea is to inculcate the habit of being able to relate to basic terms of a new language, so that he gets his platform to be a multilingual personality someday, starting from Classes 1-3

Mr. Josue Garcia, has been doing this course across the globe, to students of small classes for years now, and he will be at ODM Global School to make sure our children get the exposure

Cheryl P Pinto Financial Literacy Coach, Canada

One of the biggest issues your child faces, when he becomes an adult, is that he will be earning a lot of money, but won't know how to manage it effectively

So far, the primary reason for that has been the lack of awareness being spread amongst students in their schooling days. A school just teach them ways to earn money, but not ways to save it!We, at ODM global school, are going to be the 1st School in India to introduce The topic of "Financial Literacy" as part of the curriculum

To make students feel comfortable about the topic "Money Management" Mrs.Cheryl P Pinto, an award winning Forbes instructor from canada is going to be teaching this topic in depth, thus ensuring that your child learns this unique yet handy skill, even before he moves out of the school.

Elena Sjodin Robotics and Innovation Coach, Sweden

Every child, during his childhood, gets fascinated to know more about robotics. How do they work? What changes do they bring?Can they replace humans? are some of the questions that bugs your child every time this topic is being talked about!

ODM addresses this curiosity of a child and aims to nurture it into something productive. Ms. Elena Sjodin, from Sweden, through our initiative of Robots,is going to be with us at ODM to give our students a sneak peek into this World of robotics and innovation around it.

Flo Akinbiyi Presentation and Communication Coach, Dubai

Ever since the pandemic began and your child got introduced to the world of "Zoom" and online sessions, it brought about a significant change in your child's communication and presentation skills.

Same thing, which was earlier taught and practiced physically in school, to make your child a good oratore/presenter hasn't been able to take place efficiently. We, at ODM, ascertains that this way of interacting with each other is here to stay for long, and we need to teach our students, the art of acing "Virtual Conversations"! Mr.Flo Akinbiyi, a renowned presentation and communication coach, from Dubai, is going to let our students express themselves freely, chain their thoughts together and express them in a way that leaves a deep impact on the audience.

All of it, virtually!.

Gathoni Kungu Health and Fitness Instructor, Nigeria

While we understand the importance of education to a child, it is also important to take due cognizance of his physical health and well-being. Something that is often overlooked at the expense of imparting best-in class education.

Apart from games and other physical activities being present in the ODM Global School Campus, we are now introducing a globally certified health and fitness instructor who can supervise and teach our students the daily mantras of keeping fit and in good mental health.

Ms. Gathoni Kungu. from Nigeria is going to be with us, to impart knowledge on one of the most important topics- “Daily Health and Fitness”!!

Global School Alliance

The Global School Alliance unites passionate educationalists from around the world under the common goal of providing global learning for students. By combining online collaboration and immersive experiences, members can develop transformational international partnerships.

ODM Global School has partnered with Global School Alliance to provide its students with a platform for education diversity, knowledge exchange, and transformational opportunities.

Patrick Kamau Social Selling- LinkedIn Branding, Nairobi

During the schooling days, a child gets introduced to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. While all of these platforms helps a student build a social identity, A professional identity is something that they get to know about at a much later stage in their lives!

The Platform of LinkedIn, which helps a student build his credibility amongst the community of industry professionals can be leveraged right from the age of 16. ODM Global School has a vision of seeing its students being active on this platform, share their thoughts and ideas in a much more professional manner, build their own network and reap its benefits by the time they graduate from their colleges!

Mr.Patrick Kamau, from Nairobi, is one such distinguished educator that has been helping youth in building their social, yet professional LinkedIn identity for years now. He will be at ODM to do the same, & thereby we will be the 1st EVER SCHOOL in India to have done something like this ever!!

Mrs. Tahereh French Instructor, France

When it comes to learning a third language and pursuing it, even after school education. The French language has been one of the most sought after options to choose from. ODM Global School, after months of research and analysis have decided to teach this language to our students of classes 7-10th as part of its regular curriculum

For the same, we have with us, a professional certified french instructor, from France- Mrs. Tahereh. She is going to be looking after the French language domain, forming the base for students to adopt French as their go-to third language

Tejanshu Salaria Data Science & Analytics Coach, New York

"Data is the new oil"! With thousands of opportunities being created in this field, it is important to give your child the exposure to this domain, right from the schooling days! he not only become to come in future!

Mr.Tejanshu Salaria from New York is going to be hands on in teaching students the basics of Data Analytics!

Lourdes SantilianExplorer Course, Spain

Once that curiosity of learning a new language is ingrained into the minds, we let our students explore its realms further. To not just be able to identify terms and pictures, but also include it in his day to day conversation. This explorer course is in line with the discovery course, made for students of classes 4-6

It enables them to have a deeper understanding of a foreign language, make them understand it thoroughly, thus giving them the chance to pursue it at further advanced levels. Ms. Lourdes Santillan, who happens to be the lead instructor for the discovery course, has joined hands with ODM Global School to teach our students the next stages of a foreign language.