Residential Facility

Residential Life at ODM Global School

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The Residential Wing at ODM Global School is one that bustles with life and energy. The school is home to many students from diverse cultures. This diversity, combined with extraordinary residential facilities, makes life at the residence a unique experience for the OGSian boarders, who thrive in a close-knit community of friends and mentor-facilitators.

Our residential facilities are completely in sync with global educational trends. Education specialists designed our curriculum to assist students in gaining the necessary skills and attitudes for future success. We believe that education is all about learning; thus, we focus on that. All our offerings bundle up to make ODM Global School the best boarding school in Odisha. Here are a few highlights of our residential facilities that set us apart from the rest of the schools.

Modern Hostel Rooms

Residential facilities at ODM Global School are of the highest quality. There are comfortable dormitories with independent and adequate storage space. Separate accommodations are offered for boys and girls, ensuring their privacy and independence. To protect the safety and well-being of the students, strict adherence to the hostel regulations is meticulously followed. Moreover, experts in charge of OGS hostels and blocks reside on the premises with the students to provide immediate assistance round the clock, seven days a week.

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Canteen & Fooding Facility

We believe that the development of a child's intelligence is facilitated by a diet rich in nutrients and satiety. With this in mind, ODM Global School maintains modern, spacious dining halls and well-equipped culinary facilities. The food is made under the strictest standards of hygiene and supervision. Expertly prepared, it is nutritionally sufficient and satisfies every plate. Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Mexican cuisines are included on the menu in order to offer diversity and encourage wellness. OGS also offers a tab-based feedback system for each day's food item so that the team can add work on the daily feedback. All the feedback is monitored by the management's core team directly.

Extra-Curricular Facilities

With a comprehensive line-up of events and activities, no two days at ODM Global School are alike. In addition to regular outings and events, our students participate in a variety of adventurous and team-building activities. We have multiple indoor and outdoor sports arenas to facilitate Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, and other student preferred extra-curricular activities for residential students to challenge their talent and ability growth.

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Smart Academic Facilities

Before enrolling your child in a boarding or residential school, you must ensure that the institution is equipped with the latest technologies. This, in turn, will influence whether or not your child is aware of global technological trends. At ODM Global School, we provide digital classrooms that are fitted with electronic boards, presenters, speakers, and laptops to facilitate a dynamic learning environment. In addition, evening study time is one of the most enriching aspects of life in the residence, with students participating in guided study sessions under the able direction of our experienced residential teachers, who make every effort to give each child individualised attention and assist them with challenging subject areas.

Medical and Security Facilities

We seek to foster a healthy atmosphere at ODM Global School by adopting a preventative and comprehensive approach to health and wellness. As part of our preventative healthcare programme, we administer periodic medical exams to students and faculties at OGS. We also verify that the food offered satisfies our pupils' nutritional needs. ODM Global School is equipped with medical officers, staff nurses, and ambulances to give first aid and emergency care to students and staff and has a tie-up with the top medical professionals and hospitals in the capital city of Bhubaneswar for consultation and treatment as necessary.

Learning Today at OGS, Leading Tomorrow.

Other Highlights of ODM Global School Residential Facility

  • At OGS, we have appointed 1 Floor Warden and 1 Boarding Manager for each child. We always maintain a student to Floor Warden Ratio of 1:20.
  • 24x7 availability of in-house Pharmacy and ambulance system for emergencies.
  • Hot water access to every hostel room through solar heaters.
  • Dedicated Toilet and Washroom inside every room.
  • In-House support team of Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber and Welder for immediate round-the-clock support.
  • Provision of Reading Rooms for all residential students to ensure a silent environment for their studies.
  • Tab provisions in every block to log in Feedback, Issues or Grievances directly to the management's core team so that the issue can be immediately addressed.
  • Access to Cafeteria, Utility Shop inside the campus to purchase daily-use commodities.
  • Access to ATM Counter inside the premises of the school.
  • Experienced Head-Chefs and Sous-Chefs from 3-star hotels to supervise our fooding facilities.