Life Skill Programs at ODM Global School

Nurturing the Passion & Creativity That Defines Futures of Our Students

The future citizens need to be creative, innovative, and multi-literate. With the increasing change in this modern era, the young generation needs to acquire life skills starting from their schooling days. Schooling years are the time when students begin to develop their self-concepts and start developing their character values and decision-making communication. At ODM Global School, our life skill programs are designed with a group of psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help students make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with peers, and cope with and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner

Importance of Our Life Skills Programs
  • Sub-consciously helps children prepare for life and related events to it.
  • Gets our students ready to face any kind of crisis or related events.
  • Imbibing life skills has led to a 35% increase in a happy life for students in the future.
  • Students with life skills learning have a less difficult time during their teenage years.

How We are Focusing on Life-Skills at ODM Global School

Regular Life-Skill Classes

ODM Schools are the only school in the state and probably the country, which has introduced the Life-Skill period for each student. There are professional trainers who imbibe the values of Critical Thinking, Discipline, Team Effort, Understanding and other necessary life skills in your child.

Study Materials & Activity Books

ODM’s Chairman, Dr Satyabrata Minaketan, has authored the “You Can Series”, which is an excellent life skill study material for students, and the series follows a long list of activities along with it. These books are used in the classes. Each year, a student has to cross a different level in Life-Skill class.

Activity-Based Workshops

We conduct a lot of activity-based workshops where we especially focus skills of our students based on Communicating, Accepting People, Team Work, Averting Crisis with Critical Thinking, and Being Solutions Oriented.

Camps on Leadership, Personality Development and Communication Series

At OGS, we conduct a specialized two-days camp every year where we take children for a fun outing, and in the same, we incorporate several exercises to make them understand the values of life skills

Personal Psychological Student Counsellor

Every child will have access to a Personalized Personal Psychological counsellor in a school. The child can book a session with the psychological counsellor at the time of need. Alternatively, the counsellor will be sequentially meeting students throughout the year. Parents can request more focussed counselling with our specialized psychological student counsellor if they want to combat certain behavioural issues in their children.