Discover the Power Within & Become a Success at ODM Global School

At ODM Global School, the pursuit of academic excellence by our students runs parallel to the pursuit of co-academic excellence. We believe both academic and co-academic excellence is crucial for the 360-degree growth of students at ODM Global School.

We have partnered with the 6 most preferred international sports and co-curricular academies (and brought them right to our OGS campus so that our students can explore the world of opportunities that lie beyond academic excellence.

OGS has partnered exclusively with the CricKingdom - A Cricket Academy by Rohit Sharma, Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Shiamak Dance Academy, Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy, NBA Basketball and LaLiga Football School. Our school teams aspire to extremely high levels of competition, coupled with guidance from national and international level coaches. We have a long list of academic programs which will encourage your child to love physical activity.

OGS students routinely enjoy their sports activities, and they are constantly encouraged by our certified faculties to do so. We have introduced world-class athletic facilities to students right inside our campus, which are regularly inspected and maintained by a team of professional caretakers. Whether the state-of-the-art swimming hall, world-class football ground, NBA standard basketball court, loaded gymnasium, tennis court, and other athletic provisions, we haven’t compromised with the global standard at all, ensuring the best ever co-curricular facilities for all our students.

Other Highlights of Our Co-Academic Programs

School Club Participation

The students of all classes, respected to their age category, would be provided access to one of the following clubs in order to enhance their skills in that specific domain.

Some of our prime schools clubs are - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) / Technology / Media / Dramatics / Ecology / Entrepreneurship / Art & Sculpture / Photography.

Forum for National & International Competitions

The school will boast of an exclusive forum, where any child can log in and access all Local, National and International Level competitions. The school’s competition I/C will be looking at ensuring the participation of each child in a National/International Level competition.

Compulsory Participation in ODM Flagship Events

OGS students will be provided with the opportunity and will be graded on the basis of their performance in ODM Group’s notable Flagship Events - ODMMun, SciCon, Lit-O-Fest, Melange and etc.

LEAP Series

Learn-Educate-Accept-Progress (L.E.A.P) Series is an exclusive forum of ODM where we continuously invite guest speakers from different domains such as politics, Army, Bollywood, Sports, and entrepreneurship fields to address our students and share their experience of those domains.

Educational Trips and Seminars

Our academic calendar is supported by educational trips and seminars. Our students are taken for at least two educational field trips every year and are exposed to 4-6 seminars/workshops.

Access to TEDx Events

ODM proudly boasts of a TEDx license and is the only school in the state to have the platform. With TEDx, ODM gets a unique opportunity for its students with renowned and inspiring personalities.

Monthly Activities & Competitions

Every month, our students will get access to two unique and creative activities and get a chance to participate in 2 competitions. On average, in a calendar year, each child at OGS is required to participate in 10-12 activities. Also, our competitions are specially designed and targeted where a child will get to test his core strength.