Best Free Trivia Applications to Keep Your Child Learn Faster

Today’s children appear to be born with a natural aptitude for technology. Even infants are frequently observed with a screen in their hands. In addition, technology has applications beyond entertainment. Your children can gain more from their devices than simply crushing candy and re-watching their favourite YouTube videos. With trivia apps, children can expand their minds, enhance their memories, and increase their knowledge of a variety of subjects. Whether you’re at the doctor’s office, stuck in traffic, or just relaxing at home, trivia apps can teach and entertain your children. The competitive aspect encourages children to learn more and work harder to win, and you can enjoy a break while your child is entertained, occupied, and learning—all at once!

Naturally, it is always advised that parents visit a website to ensure that it is suitable for their children. Be sure to remind them to practise Internet safety as well!

Family Trivia

This app is designed for players over the age of three. The questions will be divided into seven categories: cooking, letters, animals, music, numbers, world traveller, and the human body. The application supports multiple users. Family Trivia is an educator-created app with age-appropriate questions so that the entire family can participate. Throughout game progression, you can meet, dress, and customise amusing characters. Even if your little ones can’t read yet, they can still join in on the fun thanks to the numerous cartoon-style images. This game does not contain any in-app purchases or advertisements, making it suitable for children to play without the need for additional device settings.

Trivial Crack

Six broad categories comprise Trivia Crack: art, sports, entertainment, science, geography, and history. Users have the option of playing against their Facebook friends or random opponents from around the globe. You can also connect with other players without a Facebook connection by searching for their usernames. The objective of the game is to acquire the six characters representing the various categories before your opponent. Players can collect up to three characters per round by correctly answering questions. This app allows users to start up to three new games per day, automatically limiting the amount of time your child can spend playing.


QuizUp allows you and your children to test your knowledge on virtually any topic imaginable. This indicates that there are quiz categories for the entire family. Whether you have a child with the geography bug or a Harry Potter-obsessed young wizard, your family will enjoy competing against each other and other players from around the world. Each quiz, regardless of category, consists of seven multiple-choice questions and is timed. Users are given roughly ten seconds to respond to each question. QuizUp has a substantial amount of replay value, but seasoned players may notice recurring questions if they stick to a particular category. Therefore, encourage your young students to attempt to master new categories. With more than 10 million downloads, QuizUp is one of the most popular trivia apps available. Users can take as many quizzes as they like, so if you want to limit screen time while using this app, you may want to set a timer.

A child’s education can be supplemented by an educational app. But if you purchase a popular educational app for your students, they may not even realise they are learning because they will be having so much fun. For more such useful blogs, make sure to follow ODM Global School, the Best CBSE Boarding School in Odisha. Check our official website for more details. 

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